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Battery Saving

Little Data Consumption


Set your title

Choose between video, audio or captions download

Select the most suitable file format

Download the resolution you need

Background Player

Play in background

Create playlists for an endless music experience

Save mobile data volume (we only download audio)

Listen to your favourite music while using other apps

Popup Player

View videos whenever you like

Resize and move it wherever you like

Use the full comfort of our video player

Available for all Android versions


Subscribe to a channel with one click

Use your custom feed

Watch your favourite channels

Easily import and export your local subscriptions from other devices


Create your own playlists

Import playlists

Mark your favourite videos

Import your data on other devices to save time


Watch your favourites again

Search suggestions based on your last searches

Easily open what you watch most

Control what we keep for you

and more!

2/4 k resolution

available in many languages

support different platforms

Highly customizable